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" Build" With Stephen Scoggins

Apr 29, 2021

Today Stephen interviews Jeff Lerner, a man after his own heart in that they seem to have lived similar walks of life. Lerner’s story will motivate anyone, having gone from homeless musician to multi-millionaire, he has overcome obstacles and obtained lifelong goals he’d once thrown aside in despair thinking they were beyond his reach.

Out of Houston, TX, Jeff Lerner spent most of his 20s attending college by day and working nights as one of Houston’s top piano players – which found him playing in the homes of billionaires, CEOs, and business owners. This exposure inspired him to become an entrepreneur and business owner. Initially, Lerner experienced many failures and went into over $400,000 in debt at one point. But he didn’t give up.

In addition to life’s normal struggles, Jeff was born with a rare genetic condition called Waardenburg Syndrome which caused him to look different from his schoolmates growing up. Exposure to bullying from a young age taught him how to make his own way and to triumph over his adversities. This courage coupled with the drive to be a thriving business owner has helped him create the success he has today. Now, Jeff can help others reach for their dreams despite any adversities they may be up against. He’s a successful entrepreneur, speaker, author, and talented musician running multiple businesses and traveling the world to empower people to embrace a life of awesome.

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