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UNSTOPPABLE With Stephen Scoggins

Jun 20, 2021

Inez Marrinan is a minister of the word of God. She is Irish with a Catholic upbringing; however, life had taken her along darker paths as it sometimes does. Battling alcoholism, drugs and depression, Inez’s rebellious living had led her to suicidal mindsets before Jesus finally saved her and brought her into his glorious kingdom of Light.

Inez now has a Born-Again Spirit which has been filled since 2010 and she uses this spirit and her calling of prophecies to teach the world about the love of Jesus Christ and how they can be free and live the abundant life He died for us to have. She believes in providing students with the tools they need to think critically and succeed. For successful transformation to take place she believes they must hear the word of Jesus and apply it to their daily life. For, without God, we can do nothing. But in Him all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)


1. Find her on YouTube – Inez Marrinan.
2. Find her on Instagram – inezmarrinan.
3. Find her on Twitter - inezmarrinan.
4. Find her on Facebook – inezmarrinan.
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[0:33] – Backstory.
[6:54] – Why Don’t You Pray to Jesus?
[7:33] – Keep Feeling a Pull.
[8:11] – Hunger Keeps Growing.
[11:59] – Spirit of God Keeps You Alive.
[12:35] – God is Pursuing You.
[17:17] – There is a Crushing, and You Completely Surrender.
[21:34] – God Removes Unwanted Things from Your Life.
[24:44] – Roadblocks to Faith.
[34:17] – Prophetic Word for the Month.
[42:43] – Prophecies Have Been Accurate.