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" Build" With Stephen Scoggins

Jun 25, 2021

Today Stephen interviews Rich Diviney. Rich draws upon 20+ years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer where he completed more than 13 overseas deployments – 11 of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. Through his career, he has achieved multiple leadership positions – to include the Commanding Officer of a Navy SEAL Command. When facilitating, Rich is motivated by the idea of discovery, allowing others to realize their potential and witnessing them accelerate towards it.

Since retirement in early 2017, Rich has worked as a speaker, facilitator, and consultant with the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Simon Sinek Inc. Rich’s book, The Attributes. 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance where he breaks down the real reasons why people and high performing teams and/or organizations succeed in times of stress, challenge, and uncertainty.


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[:34] – Overcoming Laziness.
[2:06] – Pilot Turned Navy Seal.
[4:06] – The Attributes.
[5:00] – Discovery Process.
[8:17] – What Holds People Back?
[9:57] – Self-Awareness.
[11:15] – How to Use the Attributes to Elevate Our Lives.
[15:45] – The Attributes Relating to Self-Sabotage.
[18:49] – Attributes are NOT Skills.
[23:12] – How Does Someone with Low Self Esteem Go and Discover Areas They’re Gifted at and Uncover Them?
[26:50] – 25 Attributes.
[33:40] – Bounce Back Process.
[43:28] – Attributes & Resilience & Anti-fragility & PTSD.
[48:00] – Use Attributes to Reflect.
[54:00] – What Legacy Do You Hope This Book Leaves Behind?