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UNSTOPPABLE With Stephen Scoggins

Aug 3, 2021

Chris is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and leader of leaders helping businesses and individuals realize and maximize their personal and professional potential.
He pours his great passion for people, along with decades of experience and perspective, into his daily work with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals. It’s this passion and insight that has led businesses to explode their revenue and helped them to realize their potential and live a strong life.

Today, Chris owns and leads the Poimen Group, LLC – a life, business, and leadership coaching business predicated on serving individuals and businesses in the US and around the world. Chris and his team employ coaching vehicles, which include strategic business planning, one-on-one leadership coaching, mastermind groups, life coaching, live events, and more.


1. Instagram – chrislocurto - and other social media sites.
2. The Chris LoCurto Show.


[0:35] – Communication.
[4:13] – Expectations.
[8:29] – Personality Style Needs.
[13:33] – Make It About the Other Person.
[17:29] – Every Time You Shoot a Hole (Problem) - You Have to Have an Idea to Fill It.
[20:16] – No Bad Style.
[20:48] – Operate from Our Own Point of View.
[23:26] – Maturity Style has Nothing to Do with You.
[31:36] – Impulsivity Comes Out of a Need to Feel Worthy.
[32:32] – Focus on Quality Perspective – Not About “Me.”
[33:19] – Care More About People than Things.
[35:51] – Before I Can Make a Great Wine, I Have to Make a Great Grape.