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" Build" With Stephen Scoggins

Jan 3, 2023

Lee Benson played guitar over 300 nights a year while also working at an electroplating shop repairing turbine engine parts for airplanes. When his boss decided to shut down the business, Lee took on the debt and kept the company running. He eventually grew the business from 3 to 500 employees, paid off the debt, and achieved a 9-FIGURE exit.

According to Lee, the key to success is creating value. He believes there are three types of value creation: material, emotional, and spiritual. He encourages people to focus on creating value rather than seeking likes on social media. Lee also emphasizes the importance of enjoying the process of creating value and embracing struggles.

Lee also talks about the concept of foundational readiness, which involves asking oneself and one's team questions like "What are the pieces we can put in place today?" and "What are the decisions and actions we can take today for the best future return?" Part of an organization's foundational readiness lies in its MIND (Most Important Number and Drivers) Methodology, which is a single number that represents the value created within the organization.