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" Build" With Stephen Scoggins

Oct 25, 2022

Dr. Alok Trivedi, aka Dr. Rewire, is a specialist in rewiring your brain to achieve success in any area of your life.
In his own words, No vision boards, no pixie dust, no “just grind harder". Just scientifically proven principles to help you achieve a better life.

This isn't just about changing your mindset, it's...

Oct 18, 2022

Sterling Hawkins is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and founder of the #NoMatterWhat movement. He’s the go-to guy that shows people how to achieve the results they want regardless of the circumstances.

From a multi-billion dollar startup to collapse and to come back to launch, invest and grow over 50 companies,...

Oct 11, 2022

Agapi Stassinopoulos is a best-selling author and world-renowned speaker.
Her latest book, Speaking with Spirit: 52 Prayers to Guide, Inspire, and Uplift You, talks about the power of prayer and how to harness it in your life for connection, peace, and gratitude.

If you’re struggling with challenges in your...

Oct 4, 2022

Ken Lindner is the founder of Positive Life Choice Psychology. He’s worked with many famous authors, entertainers, and entrepreneurs on their journeys and shaped the careers of thousands through his books and speeches.

Ken graduated from Harvard University and Cornell Law School, so he’s the real deal as you...