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" Build" With Stephen Scoggins

Jul 5, 2022

Leah Goldstein is a former kickboxing world champion, special forces officer, and professional cyclist. She became the first woman to win the solo division of the 3000-mile Race Across America cycling race and beat everyone, even the men! Leah is one of the toughest women on the planet, and she's here today to give you an insight into how she does it.

In this conversation, you'll learn the mindset principles that Leah applies to her life to be UNSTOPPABLE and by using these same principles in your life, you can do the same.

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ABOUT STEPHEN: From homelessness to heartfelt industry leader, Stephen Scoggins is an 8 figure serial entrepreneur of multiple businesses who has dedicated himself to serving the person he used to be. His goal is to reach and assist one million people in their journey to becoming who they want to be.