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UNSTOPPABLE With Stephen Scoggins

Jan 31, 2023

My good friends, Erin and Sarit Attwood joined me in the Unstoppable Studio recently for a mind-blowing conversation about transformation, health, and relationships.

In this episode, you'll learn:

⚡ The true cost of transforming your life

⚡ Why love and the person we’re with is so essential

⚡ What are the roadblocks that stop you from living your real life

⚡ How you show up defines YOU!

⚡ And so much more

Erin and Sarit are the founders of Emunah Strength. To date, they coached thousands of clients, helping them to achieve their ultimate bodies and transform their lives. Erin and Sarit are on a mission to transform the weight loss industry by optimizing the lives of millions through the same movement, nutrition, and lifestyle habits that changed theirs, without relying on the scale, counting calories, or macros.

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